The Limelight Collective - Ein Projekt Der Heilsarmee
Soul Space is an artistic meditation. Together we discover and experience concrete and down-to-earth spirituality through artistic exploration of sacred texts. We meet every Monday at 7:30pm. We are looking forward to meeting you there. Soul Space ist ein Ort für künstlerische Meditation. Gemeinsam entdecken und erleben wir konkrete und lebensnahe Spiritualität durch künstlerische Auseinandersetzung mit heiligen Texten. Wir treffen uns jeden Montag um 19:30 Uhr und freuen uns, dich hier willkommen zu heißen!
SOUL SPACE | 8/17/2020
Dancer, teacher and choreographer Shaw Coleman is now offering daily ballet training for professional dancers at The Limelight Collective's space in Prenzlauer Berg. Due to corona regulations, spaces are limited to 8 dancers! Please email to reserve a spot. Please enter the studio one at a time with mouth and nose covered. Name and contact details will be registered at the door. The class costs 6€.
Gemeinsam schalten wir per Livestream zum deutschlandweiten Gebetsereignis 'Gemeinsam vor Pfingsten', um zusammen das christliche Urgebet zu beten: "komm, Heiliger Geist". Parallel wird es vor Ort Gelegenheit für Kreativgebet gebet. Mehr Infos:


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Our Concept

The Limelight Collective brings high quality performing arts together with Christian spirituality as a way of enriching individual lives and the wider community.

Our multi-disciplinary performances fill our space with a mixture of dance and theatre, live music, film, installation and other performing and visual arts, and we’ve often been seen performing on the streets around our neighbourhood.

We offer community performing arts programmes like our artistic development courses for babies and children, as well as Soul Space, our weekly artistic meditation, which provides opportunity for spiritual life development through artistic practices.

We also offer pastoral care and professional development opportunities for performing artists.

The Limelight Collective is a project of The Salvation Army .

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As a non-profit project, The Limelight Collective is dependent on donations to finance the work we do. The Limelight Collective is a project of The Salvation Army (Die Heilsarmee i. D. KdöR), a certified member of the Deutsche Spendenrat, a donation transparency regulator.

We are grateful for your tax-deductible donations:

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